May 092012

They say people change a lot as they grow older. Have a look at some of the younger photos taken from these famous people!

Younger Photo Of Eminem with a Birthday Cake

Rapper Eminem, with his birthday cake and a pink ALF shirt!

Younger Photo Of Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein, chilling with a smoke.

Adolf Hitler on a Snow SkiAdolf Hitler, on a snow ski!

Young Martin Luther King Jnr Playing PoolMartin Luther King, Jnr, showing off his skills on a pool table.

Stephen Hawking Standing With A CaneStephen Hawking on his wedding day (1965). Back then, Hawking was not stuck to a wheelchair yet, and he managed with only a cane.

Younger Kurt Cobain Eating PizzaKurt Cobain munching down a pizza

Younger Photo Of Bill Clinton & Hillary At YaleBill Clinton & his girlfriend, Hillary, at Yale.

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  1. great to c n to have this

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