Jun 242010

The Neversink Pit is a limestone sinkhole in Alabama, USA. It is about 40 feet wide at the top, but bells out to an impressive 100 feet at the bottom. It is 162 feet deep.

The pit was officially bought on December 5, 1995 by the Southeastern Cave Conservancy Inc (SCCi) for just over $50 000. Money was raised by resselling small parts of the cave to contributors. The SCCi had to sign a special contract to allow a house not far from the cave access to a water spring just above the pit.

There are bats in the Neversink Pit, and the SCCi has a special policy that forces visitors to decontaminate certain clothing & gear before access will be allowed to the cave. These procedures are in place to protect the bats against a deadly illness called White Nose Syndrome (WNS)

(Also see Impressive Sinkholes)

Neversink Pit, Alabama

Neversink Pit, Alabama

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  1. Does someone have iPhone 4S ? Is it worth?

  2. Can the general public view the hole from above?

  3. Can you tell me how the sinkhole got its name”Never Sink”?
    Thank you!@-@

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