Jun 302013

The barbaric Gladiator events have been cancelled ages ago, but don’t let that stop you from becoming the next Spartacus.

Italy’s Scuola Gladiatori Roma is a traditional School for Gladiators, which trains and tests students in the ways of the gladiators.

Students first go through basic training, focusing on physical capabilities, including strength, speed and agility. Only thereafter do they get to study and train with various hand-held weapons. Once completed, students can battle their experienced instructors in the arena.

Courses vary from a one day crash course, up to yearlong courses for the more serious gladiator.

Visit there website for booking information.

Gladiator School

Gladiator School in Rome(Photos from www.scuolagladiatoriroma.it)

May 232013

Chernobyl Nuclear disaster, 1986, Chernobyl, Ukraine
An explosion at a nuclear reactor releases 100 times the radiation of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 270 000 people contracted cancer and birth defects were reported for decades.

Chernobyl Nuclear Manmade Disaster

Seveso Chemical Plant, 1976, Seveso, Italy
A rupture in a chemical plant in Italy causes toxic vapour to be released into the air. All livestock and food supplies had to be destroyed. People living nearby suffered from long-term health problems.

Seveso Italy Manmade Chemical Disaster

Great Smog, 1952, London UK
A 4 day pollution cloud in London caused the death of 4000 people, mostly children and elderly people. The smog consisted primarily of burned coal.

London Great Smog Disaster

Vietnam Ecocide, 1962-1971, Vietnam
2.2mil acres of forest and cropland were destroyed by the US during the war. High-grade herbicides were used to destroy the forest. The herbicides had long-term damaging effects on the ecosystems.

Vietnam Ecocide Disaster

BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, 2010, Gulf of Mexico
An explosion on an oilrig caused a major spil in the Atlantic Ocean. The oil spill lasted 87 days, with almost 5 million barrels of oil released into the Atlantic Ocean. To date, BP had to pay over $40 billion in fines and settlements.

BP Deepwater Horizon Oilspil Disaster

Dec 032012

We have previously reported about English company wish.co.uk and their Zombie Boot Camp. They have returned with a new offer – Riot Training.

Wish.co.uk provides the Riot Training on a huge industrial estate in Worcestershire at a cost of £79 per person.

Riot Training day starts with a full briefing on rioting training techniques and safety. After the briefing, ex-police and military experts will teach the trainees all about tactics and formations. They’ll also get familiarized with the “tools of the trade”, like batons, ballistic helmets and shields.

After a brief lunch, trainees are split into two groups – rioters and riot police, equipped with safety gear. Rioters then go on a spree, complete with fire and smoke, while the “riot police” try to control them. After the first session, rioters and riot police change places, allowing everyone to experience the battle from both sides of the fence.

Wish.co.uk has been criticized greatly about their riot training, with leaders saying it is in extremely bad taste, especially after the unprecedented riots in England in 2011.

Visit wish.co.uk for more information and to book your training.

Riot Training

Riot Training teaches you how to cause havoc

wish.co.uk's Riot Training

Jan 262012

Every year between the 7th and 18th of January, the people of Novoli, in south-eastern Italy, embark on a festival of fire, known as the Focara. The Focara is held in memory of St. Anthony, who was the Patron Saint and protector of Novoli.

Preparations for the festival starts almost a month in advance. The locals build a massive bonfire structure, consisting of almost 100 000 bundles of vines, send in by local farmers.

The entire structure is set alight on the 16th, and it burns throughout the night.

Focara Of Novoli - An Epic BonfirePhoto © DanPer

Focara Of Novoli - Giant BonfirePhoto © masozzo

Giant Bonfire - Italy - Focara Of NovoliPhoto via Quotidiano di Puglia

Big Bongire - Focara Of Novoli FestivalPhoto via Vini e Sapori

Dec 012011

The Wall Of Death, also known as the Well Of Death, must be one of the scariest circus acts to be part of. Motorcyclists and car drivers drive their vehicles inside a cylindrical, near vertical wall, seemingly ignoring the basic laws of gravity.

The first circus act involving these near vertical walls took place in the early 1900’s at the Coney Island amusement park in New York. From there it spread to different countries around the world.

Over the years, this attraction died a slow death, and nowadays it can only be seen in India, where stuntmen ride inside the so called Well Of Death at breakneck speeds, without any safety gear. The well is build out of salvaged wood and does not appear to be safe at all.

Even though this is obviously a very dangerous stunt, I can only imagine the adrenalin rush these guys must be getting!

Wall Of Death at Maut Ka Kuan, India

Maut Ka Kuan stunt drivers