Abbey Road is an iconic pedestrian crossing in London, depicted on the cover of The Beatles LP “Abbey Road”. It is a huge tourist attraction, and people are trying to re-enact the LP cover almost 24/7.

You can view a live video feed of Abbey Road here, and see the various clever re-enactments people come up with.

Cover of the Beatles "Abbey Road" LP

Snapshot from the live webcam at Abbey Road, London


The barbaric Gladiator events have been cancelled ages ago, but don’t let that stop you from becoming the next Spartacus.

Italy’s Scuola Gladiatori Roma is a traditional School for Gladiators, which trains and tests students in the ways of the gladiators.

Students first go through basic training, focusing on physical capabilities, including strength, speed and agility. Only thereafter do they get to study and train with various hand-held weapons. Once completed, students can battle their experienced instructors in the arena.

Courses vary from a one day crash course, up to yearlong courses for the more serious gladiator.

Visit there website for booking information.

Gladiator School

Gladiator School in Rome(Photos from


Chernobyl Nuclear disaster, 1986, Chernobyl, Ukraine
An explosion at a nuclear reactor releases 100 times the radiation of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 270 000 people contracted cancer and birth defects were reported for decades.

Chernobyl Nuclear Manmade Disaster

Seveso Chemical Plant, 1976, Seveso, Italy
A rupture in a chemical plant in Italy causes toxic vapour to be released into the air. All livestock and food supplies had to be destroyed. People living nearby suffered from long-term health problems.

Seveso Italy Manmade Chemical Disaster

Great Smog, 1952, London UK
A 4 day pollution cloud in London caused the death of 4000 people, mostly children and elderly people. The smog consisted primarily of burned coal.

London Great Smog Disaster

Vietnam Ecocide, 1962-1971, Vietnam
2.2mil acres of forest and cropland were destroyed by the US during the war. High-grade herbicides were used to destroy the forest. The herbicides had long-term damaging effects on the ecosystems.

Vietnam Ecocide Disaster

BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, 2010, Gulf of Mexico
An explosion on an oilrig caused a major spil in the Atlantic Ocean. The oil spill lasted 87 days, with almost 5 million barrels of oil released into the Atlantic Ocean. To date, BP had to pay over $40 billion in fines and settlements.

BP Deepwater Horizon Oilspil Disaster


Inventor Cléon Daniel went out of the box with his latest toy – a banana shaped pool table. The table is shaped on a hardwood frame and covered in yellow felt. It also boasts four pockets instead of the usual 6. Daniel calls his creations “unventions”, which aims to be thought provoking and “startlingly original”.

Visit the inventors site at

Banana Shaped Pool Table

Banana Shaped Pool Table by Cléon Daniel


For over a century, residents from two tiny villages in Indonesia have been using an extremely dodgy looking bridge to cross a river between them. The bridge has been made by intertwining the roots of two Jawi-Jawi trees on opposite sides of the river.

According to locals, the tree bridge was built in 1890 by Pakih Sohan, a Muslim teacher. Sohan was upset by the fact that students couldn’t always reach his classes due to the lack of a safe crossing over the river. He proceeded to plant the two trees, and over the years he started intertwining their roots with a bridge made out of bamboo. After two decades, the structure was strong enough to carry humans. The bridge is still standing to this day, and the structure is getting stronger and stronger the more the trees grow.

Jembatan Akar - Tree Bridge in Indonesia

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